About Us

Transparency Revolution is all about transparency as we encounter it (or the need for it) in business, in public institutions, and in society at large.

Within organizations, we’re especially interested in how transparency impacts

  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Organizational Culture

These and other factors are transforming how organizations define, measure, and achieve success. Chief among these drivers is technology. Social media is opening up whole new worlds of possibility for how organizations interact with customers, suppliers, partners, and other external parties; however, we may soon discover that social media tools stand to create an even greater impact within organizations.

Social media and related technologies can radically transform how an organization solves one of the most fundamental of problems: matching people with tasks via a clear and organization-wide view of objectives, measures of success, and talent availability and development. Equipped with a culture of trust and engagement, and with tools to drive rapid and meaningful results, a transparent organization is self-aware, self-directed, and self-optimizing.

a transparent organization is self-aware, self-directed, and self-optimizing

Traditional top-down, closed, low-trust organizations cannot hope to match the results of flexible, high-trust, transparent organizations. The future is theirs.

Transparency Revolution is published in affiliation with Zapoint.