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Engage Retain

In the article “Engaging Environments Retain Workers”, written by Michelle Kozin on the ASTD, she points out that “talent focused companies” need to gain “insight into the motivational drives and innate needs of current and prospective employees.” It is my opinion that in order for companies to become progressive and innovative they must drive a stronger connection between the needs, interests, motivations and aspirations of their employees and the opportunities that exist inside the company. In Michelle Kozin’s article, she mentions some best practices for companies to consider in order to engage and retain employees: 1. “Build Awareness First”; 2. “Provide Opportunity”; 3. “Maximize ‘Employee Embeddedness’”. Employers need to have a way to support employees in their own careers and development, while also creating an environment where there is transparency and visibility. The most engaged employees understand where they are inside an organization, what they need to do in order to develop and how that development will impact them personally and professionally. Employers that do not offer ways to better understand employee needs, recognize their career interests and motivations and better provide opportunities for professional and personal growth will ultimately lose top quality talent.

As we try to connect the dots between the “Most Admired” companies or “Best Companies to Work For”, we need to consider how those companies got to that point and try to understand what common thread they all have to get on these lists. My contention would be the most critically important asset and common thread is talented, informed, motivated and, most importantly, engaged workers.


Joe Napoli
VP of Sales
Zapoint, Inc.

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