Prioritizing Talent Efforts




In the Forbes Insights Article, Bill Millar points out that tools for Talent Management are essential in understand how to strategically manage your internal talent. Companies today recognize the need for managing talent but are often late in establishing tools and processes to drive efficiencies. Companies need to recognize that their systems, processes and tools are not effective in engaging talent, building career paths, mapping skills to job roles, identify talent trends/metrics and targeting effective training and development. At the end of the day, company executives recognize the need and goals of inspiring, engaging, empowering and developing employees/talent, but have been hesitant to invest in effective tools to accomplish these critical talent goals.

Imagine a tool that can engage employees to drive and take ownership of their own career, identify how their skills, competencies, experience and education map to job roles, establish more realistic career paths, identify the training and development resources that will help them to drive skill development and provide them visibility into open opportunities that exist within their company…As the Forbes Insights article states, “the biggest mistake being made is ignoring talent altogether.” SkillsMapper was developed to help you and your organization prioritize the needs of your talent and drive better succession planning, internal mobility and learning programs. In essence, SkillsMapper helps you “prioritize your talent efforts” based on not only the skills, competencies, experience and education of your internal talent, but also what they are aspiring to become within your organization.

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