Transparency and Leadership


Special guest Kate Sweetman joins us to discuss the relationship between leadership and transparency, including:

  1. An overview of the principles of leadership
  2. A look at how leadership needs to adapt to today’s market realities
  3. The role that leadership plays in making organizations more open and transparent.

About Our Guest

Kate Sweetman is a Visiting Scholar at MIT’s Legatum Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; she is also the founder of Sweetman & Associates Leadership Consulting, a group dedicated to architecting, developing, and delivering educational experiences that help executives and senior managers adopt fresh approaches to business, process, and people. She has been named an emerging leadership guru by the times of London and her work has been subject to recent extensive press coverage in India, including the Economic Times and the Indian edition¬† of the Wall Street Journal. Along with Norm Smallwood and Dave Ulrich, she is co-author of the book The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By.

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